It lies bubbling under the surface, biding its time,

just waiting for that perfect moment to strike, reminding

us that things are never as normal as they might seem.

No one is immune from weird shit. It can just as easily

involve the man or woman in the street, like the Chinese

girl who lives a normal life even though she was born

with her feet facing backwards, as it can the rich and

famous – for example, Salvador Dali wearing a homemade

cologne made of fish glue and goat manure. Weird

shit even affects royalty, like King Charles VI of France

who refused to travel by coach because he believed his

legs were made of glass and they might shatter.

So, kick back, raise your eyebrows, suspend your disbelief and utter ‘WTF!’

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Shit isn’t the only thing that happens.

Weird shit happens.


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