Most etiquette guides will tell you the proper way to eat asparagus, how to exit a sports car without showing your knickers and the correct way to address an Archbishop - but they fail abysmally when it comes to offering advice on any number of awkward social situations.

Containing guidance and tips for dealing with over 60 such scenarios, How To Chat Someone Up at a Funeral is completely objective and non-judgemental. How (and why) you might find yourself in any of these circumstances is immaterial; the book is concerned with presenting the best way to conduct yourself so you leave the situation with your dignity, and sometimes your life, intact.

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Etiquette!


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Modern dilemmas covered include:

♢ Inadvertently farting in the presence of the Queen

♢ Disarming an axe-wielding maniac

♢ Challenging a co-worker to a duel

♢ Disposing of a dead body

♢ Avoiding small talk with your hairdresser