How To Be A Dog

How to Be a Dog is the essential rulebook of the doggy world:

a guide for living with – or, more accurately, putting up with – humans. This book teaches you how to use canine cunning and doggy deception to manipulate your owners into doing exactly what you want.

With insightful and helpful hints, tips and advice, say goodbye to being at their beck and call (literally) and hello to being Top Dog as you learn about:


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10 things every dog needs to know about cats

Collars: what's in and what's sooooo last season

Leg-humping and crotch-sniffing for maximum embarrassment

Dog shows: why a thick skin is more important than a glossy coat

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance: the five stages of bath time

By Maxwell Woofington. As told to Mark Leigh

A pedigree Cocker Spaniel, Maxwell Woofington sees himself less as Man's best friend and more as his very cynical and irreverent acquaintance.

Max wrote How To Be A Dog drawing on his seven-years' experience as a pet and the invaluable insights of his many canine pals.

Practicing what he preaches, Max continues to be the Alpha Male of the Leigh family with whom he lives in Surrey, England.

This is the first book he's written (although he's chewed many more).