How To Be A Cat

How to Be a Cat is the essential  rulebook of the feline world:         a guide to living with – or, more accurately, putting up with – humans and making sure you always have the upper paw.

This book will teach you how to use kitty cunning and moggy  manipulation to trick your owners into doing exactly what  you want. With insightful,  helpful hints, tips and advice,  say goodbye to being at their beck and call and hello to being the cat's whiskers as you learn about:


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By Kitty Pusskin. As told to Mark Leigh

Catnip: the crack cocaine of the cat world

Being ginger: coping with discrimination and prejudice

Part toy, part snack. Everything you need to know about mice

Litter tray etiquette

Nine lives: fact or fiction

A pedigree British Blue, Kitty Pusskin sees herself less as a family pet and more as someone who lives with humans simply so she can judge them.

She wrote How to Be a Cat by drawing on her years of experience living in a human household and the invaluable insights of her many feline friends.

This is the first book Kitty has written (although she's sharpened her

claws on many more).